Spotlight 6: Student's Book / Английский язык 6 класс Серия: "Английский в фокусе" ("Spotlight") инфо 7928l.

Spotlight 6 is a course for learners of the English language at CEF B1 level The course combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules Key Features: realisticаъэйв, stimulating dialogues featuring people in everyday situations; development of vocabulary and grammar skills through interactive tasks and study skills tips; wide variety of listening practice; writing sections containing models and project work; variety of readinбйътцg texts from authentic contemporary sources; pronunciation sections, games, jokes and songs; self-check sections at the end of each module; curricular, cultural, cross-cultural, environmental & literature sections; Grammar Check section plus a Grammar Reference section Авторы (показать всех авторов) Вирджиния Эванс Virginia Evans Дженни Дули Jenny Dooley Ольга Подоляко.

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