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A Macroeconomics Reader Издательство: Routledge, 1997 г Мягкая обложка, 680 стр ISBN 0-415-15715-3, 0-415-15716-1 инфо 9212l.

A Macroeconomics Reader brings together a collection of key readings in modern macroeconomics Each article has been carefully chosen to provide the reader with accessible, non-technical, reflective papers whiаъяягch critically assess important areas and current controversies within modern macroeconomics The book is divided into six parts, each with a separate introduction highlighting the relevance of the ensuing articles The areas covered include: Keynes's General Theory, Keбйьжтynesian economics and the Keynesian revolution, monetarism, rational expectations and new classical macroeconomics, real business cycle approach, new Keynesian economics, and economic growth 1 edition Автор Брайн Сноудон Brian Snowdon.

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