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How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters Издательство: Barron's, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 202 стр ISBN 0-7641-2494-3 инфо 13060l.

The stodgy, old-fashioned typewritten resume is a thing of the past - and here's the brand-new approach that will propel you toward career success in today's job market! Easy-to-use worksheets help you organizаъуюe your job qualifications and career experience to make the best possible presentation You learn to take full advantage of career planning Internet sources and college career service centers You learn the differences between paper resumes and electronic resumes and dбйшцсiscover how to prepare each You learn how to "sell" your skills in a cover letter, using dynamic sentences, keywords, and power verbs Finally, you learn how to prepare scannable and e-mailable resumes, include photos and references when required, select appropriate typefaces and paper colors, and master all the details that will make a great impression on a prospective employer Автор Pat Criscito 3 edition .

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